New essay at The Toast

What do Seymour Glass, Catherine Earnshaw, Mrs. Danvers, Henry DeTamble, Santiago Nasar, and Victor Mancini have in common?

They are all fictional characters.

They are all badly behaved in some way.

They are all part of an essay I have due to appear at The Toast.

I love The Toast, so I’m excited. I’ll post the link when the article is up.


Pushcart Prize

I just found out that I’ve been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Several years ago, I read something Jane Smiley had said that really resonated with me. Unfortunately I can’t locate it now, but she said something along the lines of, young people/writers aren’t ambitious enough. Her goal as a younger writer had been to have a long career and write lots of books, and she achieved that goal.

Since then I’ve had kind of an informal mental list of lofty, potentially impossible goals. They included the following:

-write a really great short story

-publish a short story in a large circulation magazine or journal

-write and publish a novel

-have a long career publishing many novels, and…

-somewhere along the way, get nominated for a Pushcart.


Suddenly those other goals don’t seem as impossible as they once did.

Keep writing.